Quality is a craft
you can master

Introducing Beer-o-meter, the new quality assurance tool for craft brewers. Eliminate brewing uncertainties and simplify the craft for everyone to master.
Proud to be as an associate member to the Dutch craft community.

Chasing perfect quality with every brew

Crafting the perfect beer requires a precise balance of ingredients, temperature, and timing. Even for seasoned brewers, it can be a journey of trial and error, leading to frustrating mistakes along the way. However, with Beer-o-meter, you can regain control and ensure consistent quality in every batch. This innovative device serves as your trusted guide, helping you correct any mistakes and prevent them from occurring again. The more you brew with the Beer-o-meter, the easier it becomes to avoid those pitfalls and create exceptional beers with confidence.
Say goodbye to inconsistent batches and hello to perfectly crafted beer every time.

Craft your perfect beer with the Beer-o-meter

One device for all tests

The Beer-o-meter automates the entire lab process for you.

Flexible testing protocols

Lab-grade quality assurance in near real-time, per every brew.

Full quality control in the app

All your test results wherever and whenever you need them.


-o- 🍻

me ter asuring

for craft done

brewers right!

Your key to mastering beer quality

IPA is in our DNA

With its focus on craft brewing, the Beer-o-meter eliminates the guesswork, making it easy for you to master the art of crafting quality beer. No need for costly equipment, lengthy training sessions and wasted batches. Embrace the ease and precision of brewing with the Beer-o-meter. After all, we've got IPA in our DNA:
Intuitive technology

Quality is a craft You can master! 🍻

Easy testing. Consistent tracking. Better brewing!

Ensuring top-notch quality control can feel overwhelming, but with Beer-o-meter, it becomes effortless. Our device acts as your trusted companion, providing guidance in monitoring and optimizing every facet of the brewing process. It's not just about conducting tests; it's about continuous tracking, visualizing progress, and gaining valuable insights through comprehensive analysis. With Beer-o-meter, quality assurance becomes a seamless and integrated part of your brewing journey.
Let the Beer-o-meter help you master the craft of brewing high-quality beer.
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