The Craft Brewers’ dream

Continuously delivering beers that consumers enjoy drinking 

is the dream on which sustainable and growing Craft Breweries are built.


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Quality is a Craft you can Master!

To live the dream of continuously delivering beers that consumers enjoy drinking, you need to know your beer.


Knowing your wort is an essential step to know your beer. This knowledge yields actionable information, and when using that actionable information, Quality becomes a Craft you have mastered.


Until now, getting to this actionable information has been anything but easy.


Beer-o-Meter will change that by facilitating testing of ABV and the scientific parameters needed to know your beer and wort.


Our solution is to make testing effective and efficient, while competitively priced.


The Beer-o-Meter accomplishes this by offering 3 types of access to the solution that are presented in the following slides.

For those that want to be unburdened as much as possible Beer-o-Meter Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

The Beer-o-Meter empowers this via ordering test requests and having results delivered via the Beer-o-Meter App. In the app Craft Brewers will be able to select which tests on which batch should be run and send samples to the lab.


Our lab will test samples and return all results via the app for easy data overview. To facilitate this service, we will provide customers with sets of labelled vials meeting their testing needs.



To know your wort & beer, we will make those scientific tests available that complement in-house sensory testing in a form of testing bundles for most popular parameters.

This Testing-as-a-Service allows brewers to get access to lab grade testing while minimizing the effort and waiting time.


Additionally, all the data will be sorted and stored at Craft Brewer’s convenience allowing them to scale their Quality Control and Quality Assurance efforts at the pace suited to their ambitions.

ABV + Bitterness
€ 105
ABV + TFS* + pH + Plato
€ 125
ABV + TFS + pH + Plato + Bitterness**
€ 180
ABV + TFS + Bitterness
€ 140
ABV + TFS + Plato + Bitterness
€ 175

* TFS – Total Fermentable Sugar [g/L]

**Prices at commercial laboratories in the NL: 315 Euro

Testing As A Service – How it works?

For those that want to scale quality control Lease agreement for Beer-o-Meter and Subscription for test

This offer is crafted for breweries who are about to scale their quality control efforts and implement quality assurance. 

In this case, we offer 1-year subscription contracts where the brewer leases the Beer-o-Meter and we work together with a brewer towards the optimal subscription level that reflects his/her testing needs. Minimal subscription mix of tests requires selection of 3 boxes (any combination possible).

This allows for structured data collection  that gives a brewer access to future benefits such as: fermentation profiles facilitating brew cycle optimization or risk indication regarding microbial contamination.

The pricing per type of test as part of a subscription is presented in the table.


(Prices per box of 8 pods):

Deposit for Beer-o-Meter
€ 500
ABV box*
€ 80
TFS box
€ 96
pH box
€ 50
Beer Color box
€ 64

* Prices for 8 ABV test at commercial laboratories in the NL: 320 – 400 Euro

Subscription – How it works?

For those that want flexible implementation of quality control Beer-o-Meter device and test pod Purchase

With this model we provide brewers with full flexibility regarding usage of the Beer-o-Meter solution as a tool for quality control.

The brewer has a full ownership of the Beer-o-Meter and freely decides when and which tests to buy and use. It is a perfect solution for contract brewers and nanobreweries where the brewing schedules are difficult to predict.

With this model brewer purchases at the start the Beer-o-Meter device and 3 boxes of tests (each box contains 8 pods). Any new purchases are done via a webshop.

The pricing per type of test when bought when needed is presented in the table.


(Prices per box of 8 pods):

€ 2500
Yearly Beer-o-Meter Maintenance
€ 250
ABV box*
€ 120
TFS box
€ 120
pH box
€ 80
Beer Color box
€ 80

* Prices for 8 ABV test at commercial laboratories in the NL: 320 – 400 Euro

Purchase – How it works?

For all solutions
we provide you with:

1. A unique Brewery Account that can host all users of the Beer-o-Meter managing quality in your brewery


2. Onboarding session with our Team to get comfortable with using Beer-o-Meter


3. Access to all past results via the app for a quick and convenient control of your process


4. Access to Beer-o-Meter Customer Care to stay in touch whenever you have a question about testing

Implementation of quality
control made pragmatic

  1. Ease-of-Use: no lengthy training needed to run quality control tests
  2. User-friendly interface: all instructions and information needed communicated via the app
  3. Data storage and organization: data sorted and prepared for quick look up & easy retrieval
  4. All-in-one device for testing basics of brewing: one device to perform multiple types of tests

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